What is a typical day in the life of an Apollo Blinds franchisee?

As our existing franchisees will tell you, no two days are ever the same – which is why everyone says Apollo Blinds is such an exciting and fulfilling business opportunity.

Quite simply, we have the widest collection of window blinds and plantation shutters in the industry, and we are very proud of the fact that we have the perfect solutions for every room in every home across the UK.

That means the focus of your day will revolve around helping customers to find exactly the right window blinds for them and then installing the blinds so that they are very happy with the products and service from Apollo Blinds.

New franchisees can get very busy very quickly, but our most-successful ones have learned the importance of taking a little bit of time to plan their days effectively. For example, they plan sales appointments and installations in the same area on the same day to reduce costs and travel time and to increase productivity and profitability.

Key parts of your ‘average’ day

  • Taking time each day to plan your busy day
  • Attending customer appointments
  • Returning to a customer’s home to install window blinds
  • Reviewing marketing activity to understand responses to your advertising
  • Keeping an eye on finances to understand costs of sales, average order value, profit margins, etc.

They also know the value of ‘being the brand’ and know how important this is in distinguishing their Apollo Blinds business against local competition. Our most-successful franchisees achieve the highest average order values because they portray a professional, competent and reliable image to their customers every day.

Do you want to run a successful Apollo Blinds business?

A day in the life