Your new Apollo Blinds business franchise can deliver real rewards

Investing in an Apollo Blinds franchise gives you the opportunity to tap into a proven formula of genuine earning potential. For more than 50 years, our successful franchisees throughout the UK and Northern Ireland have proven time and again that the rewards are there if you’re willing to invest the right amount of time, money and passion.

Indeed, many of our Apollo Blinds franchisees have managed to grow and develop their initial van-based businesses to become store-based franchises, recruiting staff along the way to help handle day-to-day operations.

Here are some of the potential rewards available to you:

  • Excellent turnover potential from year one onwards
  • Fast-growing business with the potential to develop your van-based operation
  • No stockholding means maximum cash flow, minimum risk
  • Excellent profit margins, with the average customer spending in excess of £900 on every sale

The rewards are there for you to earn

All rewards are of course dependent on how much of an input is made by you as the franchisee, but the more you invest in terms of time and money, the more chance you have of creating a successful franchise.

YearYear 1Year 2Year 3
Gross profit49%
Net Profit£39,000£45,000£57,000

Because all of our Apollo Blinds products are made to measure for each individual customer, there is no requirement for you to hold stock. This in turn maximises your cash flow and minimises your financial risk.

Finally, it’s worth noting that across all Apollo Blinds customer sales, the average spend is always in excess of £900. Every sale counts – and every sale rewards you.