Run your own Apollo Blinds business with us and reap the rewards

We are very transparent about the investment you will make and how it is reinvested to support the launch of your business.

Your investment to become part of the Apollo Blinds network is £5,000 (+ VAT), and it secures an exclusive area within which to trade as Apollo Blinds, meaning that you can create, maintain and develop a solid customer base. You and your business will also benefit from the continuous support provided by our experienced office- and field-based teams.

Your investment includes:

  • The licence fee for a five-year period (with no renewal fee)
  • Your full bespoke sales kit
  • Website setup, vehicle livery, uniform and stationery
  • Dedicated initial training and ongoing field-based training
  • £4,000 is invested into marketing activity to launch your business, including leaflets delivered by Royal Mail, local magazine adverts, social media and online marketing

Investing in an Apollo Blinds business franchise gives you:

  • A secured and fully exclusive area to trade in as Apollo Blinds
  • Detailed analysis of your territory to help you to form a targeted strategy and maximise business in your area
  • Continuous and specialised team support covering sales, marketing, technical and business aspects – all geared towards helping your business to grow

The platform for growth

We’ve spent more than 50 years perfecting our business model so that you can secure a very healthy return on your investment by building a prosperous business that generates consistent profits.

And the substantial financial rewards on offer are just part of the benefits, as running your own business gives you real flexibility in terms of your working hours and commitments and a genuine chance to benefit from learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities.

Investment & Reward